Monday, June 4, 2012

Adventure Awaits

The big day is tomorrow- bright and early at 7am - we will drop Mark off at the airport. 
He will be traveling to Kenya to visit Nairobi and Kitali. He will be leading the trip with 15 teenagers from Valor Christian School and be assisted by 3 other adults. He has put many LONG hours into planning this trip over the past year and it is finally here! His team will be going to an orphanage called Children of Hope to hold vacation Bible Schools, youth rallies, and preaching sessions. They will visit the slums in Africa, they will visit a place called the WEEP center where woman are trained in a skill to support them and their children. They will see 1000's of children in their journey.They will go on a safari:) and the list could go on and on. You can keep updated on their travels here...

He will be gone from June 5th- June 21st. Please pray that God keeps him safe. They are on a plane/bus traveling for about 30 hours total one way. And its Africa- there are dangers and disease. Please pray that he boldly shares Christ and the Gospel with the African people. Pray that He can share the Gospel with the team teenagers on the trip and really speak truth in their lives. Pray that they can meet needs of a people who are very poor. Pray that they can comfort with the Word of God the many widows and fatherless in Africa.

Please pray for me and the kids as we live life without him. You dont know how incredibly important, loved, helpful, amazing your spouse is until he leaves for a long trip:) I thought this time around might be easier since I know what to expect from last year but in a way its harder for me emotionally. I don't have as many fears as last year with him being in a strange place, getting sick, etc. but this year I just am feeling such sadness because I know how lonely it is with him gone. I miss really talking with him (Skype is awesome but its not the same). I miss the help with kids at night:) I miss him holding my hand and laying in bed at night talking. I miss his constant encouragement and positive outlook at everything. I miss him reminding me of the Gospel and talking about things of Christ!

But I am encouraged to know that I have a wonderful family close by who is SO very helpful and loving. And a church family that will help in ways that are SO appreciated! Praying the time goes quickly and that you all can encourage me when I will be selfish and sinful these next 2 and a half weeks. Please point me to Christ and the Gospel and speak truth into my life! I need that more then anything!

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Hi! I'm Michelle. said...

I'll be praying Chas! I have an understanding (on a much smaller scale) of a temporarily absent hubby/father. It is one of the. hardest. things. ever. FILL your days so they go by quickly and will exhaust you so you have no choice but to CRASH at night (as opposed to all those quiet moments that seem to stand still w/o him). May God watch over Mark AND you & your family during these next few weeks.