Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 10- Mark on Safari / 6 kiddos for me!

Mark skyped with me today during my morning (their dinnertime) and he was on the plains of Africa on a safari! The kids were SUPER excited and we were able to see (a tad blurry) elephants, gazelle, hippos and a LION!!!!! Lions are rare to see on a safari so the team was super excited! It was so cool that we got to "go along" with him!

Today, I watched 2 other little girlies. They slept over last night and I had them all day till about 6pm. They really are such quiet little girls who were very obedient and respectful to me but I think just having 6 children is a ton of work and tiring, plus Elijah was pretty sassy and ornery today and required a bunch of discipline. So it was a rough day but verses kept popping up in my mind all day about Christ and His selfless life, serving others and never complaining about it:) I was rebuked many times today.
 We did have fun going to the fountains at SouthGlenn with Mel and swimming in our pool. And I did get a nap with Clara and Elijah (which are rare these day) and the kids all helped clean the basement so it is spic and span. And Erika is so sweet and watching them tomorrow (THANK YOU, ERIKA)  so I get to go get my hair cut and I think I will pop into Solid Grounds and do some reading. I also get to do some baking with Emy for my sister-in-law, Tinas baby shower on Saturday. Lots of blessing...

Tonight I got very angry with Elijah who was not being careful and spilled my drink all over me and the floor just as I was sitting down to FINALLY eat around 7pm. I lost it and yelled at him and said some not nice things. I was SO rebuked by the Spirit after it happened. I calmed down and then went and found him (he was sitting all alone crying) and apologized for my mean words and loosing my temper with him and getting so angry. I told him that what mommy did was sin and that Jesus died for that sin and that I need to remember that the next time I get angry. He was so sweet and kept kissing me and saying its okay mommy. I love you, mommy.
Praise God for forgiveness and for His showing me thru the example of a child how my sin mocks a loving God who gave of  Himself for me on the cross. I am so full of pride and need to be humbled like this. Most of the time, I want life to be easy and things to go smoothly but then I so easily loose that sensitivity to the Spirit, and the joy that comes with remembering that I am but clay and that I need the fire of hard times to burn out the many imperfections and to make me more like my Creator. Praise God for a hard day and for the outpouring of His grace in causing me to remember the Gospel in the midst of my sin.

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