Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 3- Settling in to Children of Hope for Mark/ The Splash for us

 We went to the Splash today which in located in Golden. 
It was a cloudy and overcast day but I couldn't believe how warm the water was and how much the kids had fun! 
The other plus to an overcast day is that there are hardly any people there. It was great! 

 We got to enjoy Megan's company along with her niece and nephew.

 The twins LOVED the slide and diving board. I cant believe how brave they have become and how great they are at swimming! I never gave them swimming lessons but I think its just that we spend so much time at our pool that they just learned.
Ella is ALMOST there- I'm hoping she catches on this summer. 

We went at 10am and around 12:30 it started getting really dark and raining. They blew the whistle for everyone to get out of the pool and came around and told us we could get our receipt stamped to come back another day free of charge! SWEET! So we are going back next week for FREE!!!!

 We got home and all took showers and the littles and I took a nap for a bit- it was MUCH needed! 
Arianna's tooth fell out- pretty exciting! This is her 5th one.
I gave Elijah a haircut and cut his ear by accident:( 
We went to Community Group up in Castle Rock to the Fish's house and enjoyed a FULL house with a bunch of Matt and Catherine's neighbors/friends. It was great! 
We skyped with Mark when we got home around 9:45pm- it was a late evening. 
Mark is doing well. They took a small plane to the Children of Hope orphanage in Katali today. He said that the orphanage has doubled in size from last year which is awesome news! The kids packed a lot of their toys for the kids there and they get so excited to hear about how the kids LOVE playing with them:) Such small sacrifices here in America mean SO much to these children in Africa. 

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