Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 9- Mark Builds Houses/ Movie. Locks of Love. Dinner Date. Sleepover.

 Took the kiddos to see Kit Kitteredge: An American Girl for $1 at Regal Cinemas in Park Meadows. 
It was a GREAt movie! Want to buy it when it comes out.
 It sparked some great history talk about the Great Depression on the way home. 
 My sweet little Sophia, after seeing Kit with short hair in the movie, decided today to cut her hair. We had talked a few weeks ago about cutting it and donating it to locks of love because it is SOOO long. I explained what they do with the hair and how it helps kids with cancer. She was interested but she was not ready to part with her long hair. I think the movie somehow helped her because she had made up her mind and was excited about it. Its crazy how quickly she had a change of heart. All she ever talked about was growing her hair to her bottom and maybe being in the World Record book (not kidding!) 
She looks SO much older to me with short hair.
As soon as she saw it she said, "I look just like Aunt Emy!" 
Below is the progression. We got it cut at great clips because I had a coupon but come to find out if you donate your hair, they don't charge you! 
I had the envelope and form all ready to go so we could drop it off at the post office right after the hair cut.
they cut off right around 12 inches. 

 Such big smiles! 
 Arianna says she is growing out her bangs to see if people can still them apart:) 
She wants to look exactly the same:) 

Hair is mailed off! 
Tonight, Erika invited us for some yummy dinner and it was nice to just hang and talk while she cooked away:) Her girlies came over tonight for a sleepover and I will watch them all day tomorrow as Erika and Ryan are going to a conference. 

Talked with Mark tonight a tad bit. They are in a very rural place so the interent is very spotty and conversations are very broken. But it sounds like the house thing went well and they are headed down the mountain now to go on a safari today. Super excited for them and hoping it is a day filled with rest for the team. He has yet to get a very good internet connection strong enough to upload pictures. The last week of their trip is spent in the city so hopefully it will be easier to post updates, talk and post pictures!  Thanks for continuing to pray! 

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Kasey S. said...

Thanks for bringing Sophia in to donate to Locks of Love. Let her know we appreciate her donating to such a great cause!

Kasey S.
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