Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 11- Mark safari and HEART / haircut and errands

 Friday was SO very busy for me that I didn't even get to blog about it. 
Erika was so very sweet and took the kids after lunch till the evening while I ran errands for Tina's baby shower. I should have taken a picture of Erika and the kids but it slipped my mind. 
I was so thankful that I could do all those errands without kiddos- 
and I even got my hair cut! 
Its much shorter and I just love it. 
Emy and Val came over at night and we decorated cupcakes and cookies and prepped for the shower. 
These pictures were taken on Saturday (today) 
Talked with Mark and they went on a morning safari and saw a pack of lions eating a wildebeest! How cool is that! He said he took videos- cant wait to see that! The team also traveld to HEART where they will spend the rest of their trip. They also went to the marketplace to purchase souvenirs. I am ready for him to come home!!!!


Christine said...

You so look good. I look at you and think there is hope for me. Your so nice and skinny after four kids.

Chastity Gomez said...

You crack me up, Chris! Once you're all done having babies, they grow up and get bigger and heavier and make you run around more and the pounds just come right off:) Basically because you will never sit still again! I miss you! I think I REALLY need a little vacation to Alaska soon.