Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 7- Mark at Highschool / Ben Franklin Pool for us!

Hard to believe we are at day 7- almost half way there! 
Today we hit up the library with Julie and Brynne for a little bit- the twins are at ages where they really know how to "use" a library so I am constantly helping them search the computer, request books and find books. Its exciting to see them grow- they are basically just wanting to get books on subjects- like dogs, volcanos, the loch ness monster, etc... Its fun to see them so excited to learn about various topics. 

After the library we picked up Ella's friend Julianna and headed to Ben franklin Pool- its a neighborhood pool right by our house- the whole family can get in for $10 with my rec center i.d. We stayed from noon to 4pm- it was SO fun! The kids did amazingly well! 

 I wish this picture turned out- Ella went right on up (with her floaties) to go down the slide all by herself! And she did it! She went under the water and everything! After she went down the life guard said they dont let kids with floaties on the slides so she couldn't do it again. She was very disappointed!
 All the kids spent the majority of time in the kiddie pool and sprinkler pad. I would let the twins go to the big pool by themselves but I could see them from afar.

We all went and watched the twins jump off the diving board and do the slide! 

 At the end, Arianna stepped on someones earring in the pool and it really hurt her foot. We left shortly after. It was a fun day!

Mark had a full day as well yesterday. The team went to a high school and set up a photo studio and took over 300 pictures! They printed them there for the kids. He said they have never really seen a picture of themselves and they just LOVE pictures. So every kid went home with a photo of themselves  It was such a great idea! They took little photo printers and the school camera. They also played soccer games with the kids. This was their last day at Children of Hope. They were traveling by bus 5 hours to Kisee where they are going to build a house for a family there! Then they are going on a Safari and then to HEART where they do a lot of humanitarian work. Mark said he cannot find anytime to update their Kenya page- they are just going non-stop. But the last leg of the trip should be a little lighter load and he will have more time to put pictures up and blog. I am dying to see pictures of them in action:) 

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