Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 4- Manual Labor for Mark/ Yard Sale Hopping and Girl Scout Spa Party for us

Today we played it a bit more low key although with the extreme heat it was quite a tiring day. We hit up a few yard sales this morning and scored a few deals- a super cool Little Tykes vintage (1989) doll house for $15 complete with lots of people and furniture. (They are selling on ebay for around $50 for the whole set so when it comes to resell I will probably get more for it than what we paid.) I know I'm weird but I do think about what toys of the kids that I will save for when (someday) the grandkids come over to play, and this may be one to keep for the future. I really like vintage stuff like this. Its so durable and well made and classic.
 It seemed a bit babyish to me but my girls LOVE playing with doll houses- they will play for hours and always have loved them since they were about 2 yrs old. Today they played a good 2-3 hours with it all the while Elijah kept trying to sneak an "alien attack" on the house. Sophia kept running to me saying- "Elijah just keeps pretend punching all the people. Can you ask him to stop playing with us." So I hooked Lij up with a different setup for his alien attack.

We also scored a HUGE lot of polly pockets for $4. I tell you used toys is the way to go!!! I cannot believe how MUCH you can get so such a little price.

We came home and cleaned/ picked up because we were having the girl scouts over for a Spa Party (it was an extra incentive if they sold 200 boxes of cookies) SO thankful to have Loy stay and help mask up the girls, paint toes and fingernails, help with snacks:) It was SUCh a  fun night. The girls were so cute! Especially with the cucumbers on their eyes! What a hoot!

We were lying in bed tonight and Ella said, "Mom when you said we were doing masks tonight, I thought we were putting real masks over our faces. Can you make sure to show daddy when I had the cucumbers on my eyes with my mask." She thought it was so cool to do it with the big girls. 

Mark just "skyped" with me tonight and said they were very busy today. They did lots of projects like painting, etc around Children of Hope and then met with the leaders about the VBS Saturday (which is going on soon if you are up late at night reading this- they are 9 hours ahead of us) The VBS is HUGE with over 500 kids expected. They have 3 stations set up- a craft station, a game station and a Bible Story Station and they will feed them lunch. They will hand out the little packets we put together with a pencil, sharpener, paper, stickers and 4 crayons. Mark is teaching at the Bible Story Station from our Jesus Storybook Bible showing how Christ is woven through the Old Testament Stories (Adam and Eve/David and Goliath) and then teaching about Christs birth, ministry and death. Pretty awesome stuff! Last year they held one and Mark said that kids younger than 3 yrs old just come all by themselves no adults around. They come out in droves and just LOVE the VBS! So please pray specifically tonight for the team as the minster to all these kiddos!

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