Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 8- Mark travels / Park Day and Night out!

 Today was a nice day playing at the park with the other ladies and kids from Sola church. 
If any of you with children want a park play date once a week, we meet at Cherry Knolls Park off of Arapahoe and University every Tuesday at 10am. Come join us! 
 The park has a great creek that the kids LOVED playing in. 
I even got to read for a while once everyone left.

 Tonight, Jen asked is she could watch the kids and I gladly accepted! It was wonderful to have a few hours to myself with friends. Judging by these pictures, I dont think they missed me! 

 Sorry this picture is SO very blurry but I just had to add it! Jen and Zak have 3 boys of their own so they had a house full tonight! Thank you guys SO very much for showing such kindness to me!
 Mel, Julie and I went out to see a movie and grab some burgers. so fun! LOVE these ladies! 

Mark didn't get to skype tonight but we chatted online for a little bit. They are on a really high mountain in Kisii where the internet isn't very good. Yesterday they basically just drove 6 hours to get to this town and then visited a local elementary school to play with the kids. Today they are building 2 houses and then going back to the school to help with the kids.

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