Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happenings and Such

We have been thoroughly enjoying having Mark home with us! He has one more week off before he starts his new position at Valor the first Monday in July. 
We have been staying busy. 
We were able to enjoy Jon and Franki's wedding reception in Colorado Springs. 

                    They were married in Florida so we watched the ceremony at the reception:) 

We celebrated Valerie's 17th birthday! 

We have been trying to stay cool- ever since Mark has returned we have had 100 degree or close to that days! Its crazy! The heat is unbelievable. We are thankful we have AC and it keeps the bottom two layers of the house cool although it doesn't seem to touch our upstairs bedrooms.

We have been spending lots of time in the pool, sprinklers and any place that is air conditioned.
Everyone came with me and went grocery shopping the other day because it was so nice and cool inside. I managed to fall on some spilt drink in one of the aisles and really banged up my elbow and tailbone. NOT fun. I was so sore the next morning.
Today, our pet hamster, Bolt, died. I wonder if it was too hot for him. I remember as a kid, my mom putting my hamster out in the sun on the porch and it died all sweaty and such. Oh well.. the joys of small rodents for pets. Mark dug a hole. I got a popcorn box and cut a lid for the casket. We all met in the backyard and buried our furry pet after saying a few nice things about Bolt.

Elijah's birthday is on Friday. He has been getting birthday money in the mail, so we gathered it all up and went to the toy store. Mark has been wanting Elijah to use his Christmas/birthday money on a racing set and it never has happened till today. We have been looking but we wanted one where you could plug the cars into the wall so we weren't buying batteries for the track which is the hugest waste of money ever! We found one at Toys R Us and let me tell you, Mark was more excited than Elijah about the purchase:) After about an hour of setting it up (this thing is HUGE) we got to play with it- It really brought memories back for me of the one my brother and I had as kids. We would race for hours.  You had to hold down the little gun thingy and your car would take off. You always had to fold those little metal prongs down after a crash or it wouldn't go and the smell of the cars on the tracks was still the same! Good times. I think Mark and I will be enjoying some good races after the kids are in bed:) 
That is all for now. 

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