Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 13- Mark preaches again/ Father's Day

Church this morning was very encouraging and refreshing to my tired soul. We sang a new song from Sovereign Grace called Show us Christ- click on the title below to hear the song. The truths in this song spoke to my heart, especially thinking of Mark in Africa sharing the hope we have in Christ because of the Gospel! Love the words.. "Your Word is food for famished souls, freedom for the slave, riches for the needy soul." The people in Africa materially have nothing but with Christ they have EVERYTHING! powerful stuff. And powerful reminders to me that Christ speaks to me thru His Word which is the bread and life for my soul as a believer- how I love it and how I need to dig into it even more so Christ can reveal more of Himself to me! The words have been running thru my head all day and I am so thankful for music that sinks in my head and constantly reminds me that Christ is all I need. 
Prepare our hearts, O God 
Help us to receive 
Break the hard and stony ground 
Help our unbelief 
Plant Your Word down deep in us 
Cause it to bear fruit 
Open up our ears to hear 
Lead us in Your truth 

Show us Christ, show us Christ 
O God, reveal Your glory 
Through the preaching of Your Word 
Until every heart confesses Christ is Lord 

Your Word is living light 
Upon our darkened eyes 
Guards us through temptations 
Makes the simple wise 
Your Word is food for famished ones 
Freedom for the slave 
Riches for the needy soul 
Come speak to us today

Where else can we go, Lord 
Where else can we go 
You have the words of eternal life

After church we got to spend time with Grandpa for Father's Day!!! 
My camera died so these blurry phone pictures will have to do! 

I talked to Mark early this morning and he had a full day of preaching, VBS and a youth rally. It was a much smaller scale and Mark said he got to sit down with many of the church people and just answer questions that they had with the Word of God. The teens also had a lot of questions too about the Bible and theology. Today (Monday) , they are headed to a Masii school where they will probably play lots of soccer:) Tuesday they will visit the slums and then Wed they fly home!!! They get home Thursday night around 5pm- I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!! 

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