Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy "Faux" Birthday!

The twins have a summer birthday so as the end of the year begins rolling towards us, they start asking if I can make them treats to bring in for their "faux" birthday! Of course I oblige because who doesn't just LOVE bringing in treats to school on their birthday!

 Sophia chose Peter Rabbit cupcake toppers which I downloaded for free. 
Arianna took hers in today. I made chocolate chip cookie bars (Michelle Weston, I use your cookie recipe and it is by far my absolute fav!) - it was SO much easier than cupcakes:) We still printed little labels for them for free:) I cannot believe how many free cupcake printables there are out there on the web.  Its a free way to add a little something to spice up treats, especially for kids.

This Friday (3 days away) is the twins last day of school!
I cannot believe it!
Where has this school year gone?


~Abbey~ said...

i WISH so bad we were allowed to make treats for birthdays at school. That is one school policy i could do without...i am sure the mom's who have kids allergic to everything would disagree. :) The kids have "Summer Birthday Party" at school too, and Clayton always takes some kind of ice cream treat! The kids like that too cuz its different! FUN!

Chastity Gomez said...

maybe next year I will do ice cream- its a good idea- plus its so hot out!

Michelle said...

How fun! Your girls must LOVE being able to do that. I would (I have a summer bday, was a bummer to miss out on that fun)!! And p.s. I'm glad you like that recipe and still use it...I have NEVER used another recipe for choc chip cookies since I found it...tasty and SOFT (such a rare thing in homemade cookies...the 'soft' part). And p.p.s. I was sorry to hear you have sickness in the household...bleck. Your poor family has been hit hard lately :(