Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

 Today, on Mother's Day, I have seven and a half years of being a mother under my belt.
I am so blessed to have four children to raise, nurture, disciple, love, cuddle, tickle, kiss, hug....
Motherhood is so rewarding, so tiring, so revealing, so encouraging, so exhausting, so wonderful! 
Praises be to Christ who gives me grace every moment to raise these little people.
And praises go to my mother who showed her daughter by example how to love, how to train, how to encourage, how to persevere..

"Mom, I love you and thank you for showing me a commitment to Christ in everything you do. You have never wavered in your faith even in the midst of trial and heartache. You have raised me to love God above all else and have shown me how to sacrifice and pour myself out in service for my family. You are worthy of much praise and honor and I rise up and call you 'blessed'. I wish we lived near one another and I miss you every day."

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