Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ella is all grown up!

We have always told the girlies that they had to be 5 to get their ears pierced.
Sophia was first on the exact day of her 5th birthday. Arianna waited a while because she just wasn't quite sure but followed shortly after. She freaked out and Ella saw it all! Ella keep telling me she wasn't ready and maybe when she was 10! But all her little friends at preschool started getting their ears pierced so she has been talking about it more and more. I told her whenever she was ready that we would take her! We went to the mall Saturday and stopped by Claires-  Sophia needed hoop earrings ( I told her that since she was almost 8, she was ready to wear hoops:) and while we were picking them out Ella started getting excited and contemplating getting it done. We spent about an hour walking around the mall, etc and the whole time Ella was deep in thought. It was hilarious to watch her thought process- it was written all over her face. She was so torn! In the end she made up her mind that she would do it and never turned back! I was so proud of her. It was a hard decision to make but she never second guessed herself while climbing up on the chair even though her face looked like she was going to vomit! 

 She did have a few tears but was all smiles once she saw her dazzling earlobes! 
She looks so grown up! 

Love this little girlie who is quickly becoming a not so little girl! 

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