Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photographers in Training

 My children know that I LOVE to take pictures and they are ALWAYS asking to take pictures as well! Sometimes I let them borrow the camera for a few minutes and check in on them to see how they are treating the camera. Its hilarious getting the camera back and looking thru their photo shoots! 
The twins wanted me to post these pictures on my Etsy page- as you can see all their little animals are wearing my Ella Bella Creation hair accessories! 

 The following pictures are Ellas handiwork! I laughed SO hard when I looked thru these. 
I cut out about 50 of them! 

I'm glad my kiddos love photography and hope that one day they will have cameras of their own and enjoy capturing life thru the lens! 


Erika said...

These made me laugh! :)

Christine said...

Those were cute pictures. Luke likes to take pictures too, but I'm never really sure what it is that he took a picture of. The girls will have to give him some pointers.