Monday, February 14, 2011

I Heart Valentine's Day!

 I *HEART* Valentine's Day!
To me, it is a special day to treat the ones I love 
to a little bit of FUN! 
I try to come up with create "treats" to surprise and delight:) 

Treat #1- Deliver balloons and a card (and a big Hershey's KISS for Mark) to those who are in school! Ella told me she cant wait to go to school to get the Valentine balloon! 

Treat #2- Valentine Play date with food, crafts and Valentine exchange! (Thanks Sarah!)

Treat #3-  The kids favorite meal all fancied up a bit- dress up, candles, piano music, nice plates! I gave Elijah a fancy glass and decided to trade it in for a sippy cup about one minute into the meal! 

Treat #4-  Chocolate Fondue- strawberries, bananas and marshmellows dipped in yummy chocolate! What a gooey mess that turned out to be! 

Treat #5- Surprises from daddy! He really is the best!) Roses(for me) and the PERFECT cards for all of us! We are blessed....

Fun with Friends! 
2011 Homemade Valentines
(the one I made is featured below:)

  The Gomez Family resturant- serving spaghetti, chicken Parmesan  and squash!

 Daddys gift to the kiddos- rose petals- they had SO much fun!! 

my favorites of the day!

It was the perfect *HEART* day! 
Full of lots of laughs, hugs, kisses-

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Janelle Miller said...

Chas, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! What a fun and beautiful day you had with your sweet family!!! You're so creative and take some amazing pictures!!!! :) LOVE reading about all the fun you have!!!