Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is For you mom!

I FINALLY got my hair cut and colored! 
I looked back through my pictures and discovered that my last hair cut was, I believe around March of last year- so it has almost been a whole year since I have done anything to my hair! Hard to believe. I am going to try to stay on top of my hair and try to get it "freshened" up every 3-4 months which you HAVE to do if you want to keep a cute shapely short hair cut! We shall see.
My mom always says I need to:) 
So when I think of haircuts, I think of my mom!
Love you and miss you, mom!! 
Hope you like the new "do'


the johnson crew said...

i love it. :)

i am so overdue for a haircut. (November or December 2009) so it has been over a year. I can never get around to scheduling it... and working out the details with my kids.

Erika said...

It looks so good! Glad you got it done and can't wait to see you!

Jenny said...

Wow! A whole year??? It must have felt GREAT to get it cut and styled!! My mom shamed me into going more often also (even taking me to a salon on one of my PA trips), and now I go every 9 weeks. :) Great haircut, and may you be able to squeeze in some time for more pampering every now and then!

Michelle said...

You're so pretty, Chas! It looks GREAT!! :):):) It's always so much fun to get 'freshened up'....makes you feel like a new woman!!!