Friday, February 4, 2011

It's not fun being sick

 My poor twins. 
Weird how they BOTH came down with a fever in a matter of a few hours of each other. 
Last night, Sophia woke around 1:30 and was burning up and couldnt get back to sleep. So her and I moved downstairs where we watched a movie and then another and another till day break.
Yep, she didnt sleep. weird.
She was still feverish around 6:30am so I made the call to keep them both home from school today.
Arianna didnt have a fever but I could tell she was a bit "off". Sure enough, Arianna spiked a fever around 8:00 and it was HIGH! I though we could wait it out till Mark came home because we were out of any type of tylenol, etc for kids. 
But around 12:00, I checked her and her fever was up to 103 and she was shaking and SO miserable.
I was afarid she might start seizing (Sophia did that when she was 2) 
So, Daddy came to the rescue with meds, Wendys frosties and fries and a new kids movie from RedBox! Our hero! 
I also whipped up these soft "ice packs" for the girls. They are just filled with rice but when you put them in the freezer, they get nice and cold and stay cold longer than a wet washcloth! 
We have a pile of 8 of them, so that should get us through the weekend and the great many boo-boos that occur  frequently in this house! 
Pray for the twins to get over this fast and pray that noone else catches the fever bug! 
Its not fun!

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Michelle said...

Oh Chastity! I'm so sorry your girls were so ill! They DO look miserable, just by the pic. I will pray they will get better soon!! (And totally stealing your idea about the r'ice' packs!!! Great thinking!)