Friday, March 20, 2009

A good reminder

Today, I read Deuteronomy 1-4 and what a great reminder it was that the God who has continually provided for us in the past will continue to guide in the future! How often the Isrealites forgot about what God had done in the past and how they worried about the future- it seems so foolish to me as I read those chapters and yet how often we do that in our lives today. As Mark and I step out in faith in this new chapter of our lives, it encourages me to know that God who has met every need since we have been married will continue to do so. I dont have to worry!! I dont have to fret!!
Duet 2:7 "...These 40 years, the Lord God has been with you, you have lacked nothing."

And I have the responsibility to pass those memories of how God has provided to my children so they know what a GOOD God we serve.
Duet 4:9 "Only take heed to yourself and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen... and teach them to your children and your grandchildren.."
I hope my children will be encouraged to follow God because of what He has done for our family and how He will continue to do great and mighty things for us! We serve a great God and we should never forget!


~Abbey~ said...

This one good friend of mine and i were talking about that recently. she is about 50 years old-and she keeps every calendar from every year since her kids were little. whenever God provided something or showed himself mightily she wrote it on there. now she can go back and look and see on the very day what and when it happened! I thought that was really cool! so did Mark get taht job?

StacieB said...

Thank you so much for the reminder, Chas! I am stepping out in faith too and need to remember that God will be faithful just like He always has been! Thanks again :)