Thursday, March 12, 2009

My little fishys

We spent the day at the Apex Center swimming and playing!
Ella cracked me up today. She wants to be so independent. The twins were going down the slide into the water. It would dunk them but they loved it!! Ella kept toying with going down but would always not do it. Well, I told the girls to take a break from the slide and play in another spot. I was tending to Elijah and looked around and I saw Ella at the top of the stairs getting ready to go down the slide- she went down and I went running! Thankfully she was okay.
When I got there, she said,
"I dont need no help. I do it myself."

This was Elijah's second time in the water- He loved it!

Are these really ALL my children?:)

Ella's always my little helper with Elijah

The twins didn't get out of the water for the whole 3 hours! They were so pruned..


Michelle ;0) said...

Oh have such a BEAUTIFUL family!

Erika said...

How fun! How tall/long was that slide? I can't believe Ella was brave enough to go down it!

I've been to that rec center before to play at the indoor playplace, but never to swim there. It looks really nice; it is really far away for me, though.

All your children (besides the twins, of course) look different! Mine look different, too, though. Isn't it amazing how many different kinds of people we can make?