Friday, March 27, 2009

Night #1 of Missing Daddy

11 pm- Elijah wakes up- bring him to my bed
12 midnite- Ella walks in and climbs into my bed
2 am- Sophia is crying in bed. She comes in my bed
I put Elijah in his crib
2:30am- Arianna climbs in my bed
4 am- Elijah wakes up crying- bring him in Ariannas bed with me
6:30am- ready to start another day without Daddy


Beth said...

oh Chas! no fun!!!! but, oh the memories.... one of these years you'll want a few little ones climbing in your bed. enjoy them! :) praying for you.

Mark said...

Sounds about average. Maybe a little worse than usual. Good luck. Wish I could help.