Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elijah's First Haircut

He wasnt too sure about what was going on:)

His hair was practically in his eyes up front

and he had this long tuft of hair in the back...

By now (20 seconds into it) he had enough

I also trimmed over his ears

Do you think it's a little too short- I'm not so sure about it and the next time I am definitely taking him to the hairdresser:)

He is a cutie though!


Erika said...

Like I told you at the soccer game, the shorter the better is how I like guys' hair. So, I love it! He is very handsome, and Clara should make a mental note in her baby brain to try to hook up with him when they are in college and then get married, shortly thereafter. Then we'd be in-laws, sort-of :)

~Abbey~ said...

it looks cute! You are so brave to do it while he was awake--i was always scared and did it while they slept!

Michelle ;0) said...

I think it looks ADORABLE!!!