Monday, March 2, 2009

A Miracle

Yes, my friends, Elijah slept thru the night last night with out waking once! Can you believe it? I certainly can't! I wish I could say that I am well rested and ready to take on the day but the fact is that I am exhausted. Ella woke up twice and crawled into bed needling her way in between mommy and daddy. Mark put her back to bed twice. Sophia woke up twice crying as loudly as she could about her throat and leg hurting her. Mark got her juice. Arianna crawled into our bed wanting to be cuddled. Mark put her back. Do I have a great husband or what? Around 2am the baby who lives above our apartment started crying and continued crying until this morning at 6. I was getting worried thinking something may have happened to her parents since the crying was very loud and not stopping. She still is crying as I am typing- I am debating whether or not to go knock on the door and see if everything is okay. So needless to say, I am tired as I start this Monday morning. On another note, the weather is going to be 74 today! I need to go to the park..

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Erika said...

Hurray for Elijah. Too bad about everyone else. :( And, I am now concerned about that baby! I hope you go and find out about him/her.