Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday's Recipe....

My sweet friend Sarah made these for me last year for Christmas and we quickly made these a Christmas tradition! So simple and amazingly yummy!
1 bag of rolos (usually around 40 candies inside)
pretzels to match the number of rolos
a bag of pecans

Step 1- unwrap rolos and place on top of pretzels
which are placed on a cookie pan lined with waxed paper
Step 2- bake at 275 for about 3 minutes or until slightly melted
Step 3- Place pecans (cut or whole) on the rolos as soon as you remove from stove
Step 4- place in fridge till completely cooled

These really do make great gifts!

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~Abbey~ said...

yummm! will have to do this! the kids can do them!