Saturday, March 26, 2011

Need Some New Kitchen Gadgets?

I hosted a Pampered Chef show last night for 
my friend Sarah and it was SO much fun!
We had 11 people over and the kitchen was full 
of friends and good food!
I really like Pampered Chef recipes and their kitchen tools.
Most of my accessories in my kitchen are from Pampered Chef are 
are mostly 5-10 years old and still work perfectly!

So if you would like to help my party out and 
order some Pampered Chef for yourself
then click on "Shop Online" 
and enter my name Chastity Gomez
on the next screen 
and start shopping!
They will even ship it right to you:)
And I will earn credit for your purchases...
You can think of it as a birthday present to me 
since I am 32 TODAY! 
this is me, when I was around 2 or 3, I think!
 and with my brother Justin!
 Hard to believe that I am 32. Time goes by so quickly! I am enjoying life and loving all the blessings that God has Graciously bestowed on me! I am truly in awe at the beautiful family God has given me and the great church and friends that I have in my life!
32 feels great!

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