Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank you for Helping our Children Bloom!

 This week our school, Hopkins Elementary, celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week! I am the Hospitality Chair and this week falls under my duties. I thought I would share our ideas so if you serve on a PTO and are looking for ideas, these will help! 
Our budget for 4 days of teacher love is $400. 
We have approximately 60 teachers, faculty and staff. 

 Our theme for day one was:
"Thank you for helping our children BLOOM!" 
 We did a little plant wrapped in cellophane for each teacher. I got the plants at Walmart. They came in a flat of 8 for $6 and I cut the individual pods out and wrapped them in cellophane that the school had on hand. Get some cheap ribbon at the dollar store and make these cute FREE printables that I found here to stick in the soil with Popsicle sticks.
It takes a few hours to assemble but the finished product looks great! 
These would be great to do an a smaller scale for your child's teacher and very budget friendly.
For 64 plant gifts, it cost around $60. 
 We also did a Salad Bar Lunch that went with our theme! 
This took a lot of prep work but was done for $100. 
I just went to King Soopers and emptied out their produce department! 
We also got all the greens at Costco which was cheaper to buy in bulk (and we WAY over bought so we will use the leftovers for Thursday- so check back!)
We have a LOT of female staff and what
 girl doesn't LOVE a good salad with LOTS of toppings?!

The teachers really RAVED about the salad bar! 
Be sure to check back tomorrow for another "theme" 
and make sure to tell the teachers in your life- 

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