Saturday, March 23, 2013

 IT snowed today- ALOT! I say there is probably around 12 inches out there and its still flurrying away at 7pm. Mark preaches tomorrow so it was a good day to stay home and chill. The girls played outside and Sophia shoveled the whole walkway (so sweet of her). Elijah tagged along after daddy all morning starting fights:) and then played video games in the afternoon. Ella played by herself for a LONG time in the basement. The twins took LONG baths. I organized spring/summer clothes. It was a very productive day:) The kids are now happily painting away and Im sure there is paint all over while I blog but whatever! I love listening to their little conversations while they create. Warms my heart.
Tonight we are going to watch The Hobbit! I am beyond excited.
 Its funny how crazy the weather is here in CO. By Thursday it says it will be in the 60's. The trees are all starting to bud. And weird spring snowstorms are common. Last week we got some rain (just a tad) which was rare and very fun for the kids. They love umbrellas. 

yes, that is a sled in the background. They were using it to sled down the grassy hill in the back. Who knows? 
In other news, Sophia has been having belly pain for a good 2 months. We finally took her in and after an xray, they found she is "stopped up". Its so weird though because she hasn't had problems going. We have tried MANY things to clear her up since the problem as diagnosed. We were told that she must drink lots more water! She is taking Milk of Magnesia every night in hopes to help her.
She also had strep that went into her digestive system and was giving her belly pain as well. So she is on antibiotics for that. Poor thing. She seems to be doing better though and has not complained about her belly as much. And she thinks its pretty awesome that they gave her a slide of her xray to take home!
Elijah has been VERY into "rough housing" lately! 
I am so glad he has Mark to wrestle, punch, fight, box, etc! 
For his small stature, He is a pretty crazy little dude. 
And he can certainly make some crazy faces:) 
Ella has been doing very well in school. She is one smart cookie! 
She had to write a little poem and record it and 
they performed it during a special school event for the parents. 

Just wanted to close with a picture of some pretty awesome friends!
 I am blessed to have these ladies and many more like them in my life. 

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