Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hiking Maxwell Falls in Evergreen,CO

 This Labor Day we wanted to do a family Hike and 
after some internet browsing, 
decided on Maxwell Falls in Evergreen, CO 
(about an hour from our place) 
 We couldn't find the Upper Falls Parking lot at first so we started out on the lower trail, but lightning and thunder quickly started and other hikers were saying how long the trail was to the falls, so we decided to sit in the car and eat lunch and wait out the rain. 
We found the upper lot and it was the perfect amount of time. 
 We hiked about 1 mile on the cliff loop trail and it boasted some awesome views and 
great boulders to scramble around on. We stopped a lot to play on the rocks:) 

 We had to wait out some pretty heavy showers under a big pine tree, 
 We LOVED this "lion rock". 

The kids were giving us heart attacks near the cliffs:) 

 Sophie is honestly so sweet and loving. Ella was crying about scraping her back so Sophia offered to carry her on her back for a while. Seriously so sweet. 
 It was pretty chilly until the sun came out. 

 The Cliff Loop met up with the Maxwell Falls trail and we hiked another mile or so on that trail...
stopping to play in the small waterfalls along the way.
 Super cool surfing wave rock

 The bigger falls were cool but the water level wasn't very high so they weren't that spectacular. 

 We did have to do some rock climbing to get down to the falls and then back up to the trail again. Elijah was "rocking" it! (Quite literally) He really was amazing us with his rock climbing skills. 

 Love that this kid LOVES adventure and is bold in trying things that are hard. 
 We saw a small little snake and Ari picked it up! EEWWW! Pretty sure it was a baby garter snake. 
 We ended our hike with some daring acts of bravery crossing a large fallen tree. 
It was fun! The kids did great on this balance beam found in nature! 

We spent about 3 hours out in the wild and it was wonderful! 

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