Monday, December 30, 2013

{Christmas Traditions/Parties Galore}

 Christmas has come and is gone. 
We had so many wonderful, fun times this Christmas Season with friends! 
The Littleton Tree Lighting is one of our favorite traditions- basically you sit in the dark and wait for the Main Street in Olde Town to light up! It's beautiful! 
We drank hot cider and hot cocoa and lit real candles along with thousands. 

We hosted several Christmas Parties in our home this year...
Sola Elementary Kids Party
 We had a bunch of Hopkins kids come to the party which was great! 

 We made an ornament, decorated cookies, ate pizza and exchanged presents. Good times! 

we also had our little..
Daisy Girl Scout Christmas Party 
And lastly, we hosted a neighborhood Christmas party 
and had a bunch of our neighbors show up, which was awesome. 

We were also able to go to many parties this year as well.

Valor Discovery Party 

Sola Elders and Deacons Party 

Missional Community Christmas Party
and the McClish's Party which I failed to get pics at:) 

All in all- great times with great friends!!

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