Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day {July 4th 2014}

 We enjoyed spending the evening with friends to celebrate 
with fireworks, s'mores, chair ball and good food:) 

I remember doing these with my brother back in the day- 
so fun to make those memories with my kiddos.


 We headed out to Daniel's Park with Jon and Franki, and our neighbor and her two boys to catch some fireworks. It was pretty cool because you could see all the way from Parker to downtown Denver to the mountains- there were SOOOO many different firework displays- it was amazing! 
Of course, they weren't really "big-over-your-head" kind but it was a different way to watch them and the best part was their were NO crowds to contend with:) Mark loved that:) 
We sat on the roof of our SUV and relaxed for a good 2 hours! 

 The sign of a good day! 

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