Friday, November 7, 2014

The Kids First 5K

 Some awesome parents from Hopkins started a Run Club this year and Ella and Elijah wanted to be part. Amazingly, they ran twice a week after school/before school. 
They ran on the Highline Canal with chaperones. It was great. 
I LOVE that our school really pushes fitness and wellness! 

The Run Club culminated with a 5K race called the Littleton Stride. 
It was a great day and Mark also ran it after practicing for a few months. 
I have been so proud of all his exercise and its really showing! 
He's lookin' good! 
The twins walked the race with another friend. 
Took them an hour and 14 minutes! 
Mark did it in 27 minutes and me and the little two walked/ran it in 44 minutes. 

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