Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sophia and Arianna's Art and Music Night and Girl Scout Cookie Event

The twins started girl scouts in the 1st grade and this is their 5th year! I am so pleased with the program overall and really love how it develops leadership in my girlies. This year, they worked to plan, organize, set up, run and clean up a cookie rally for other girl scout troops to come to. Planning events/parties is such a big part of adult life (at least for me:)  and I am so grateful they got to see how to throw a big event for around 80 girls. They got to the grange around 11 am and left around 4pm. It was a hard day of work but they learned so much about what it takes to execute an event. 
they did a skit on cookie selling
Each girl worked at a craft station and troops rotated through the different stations

 This past month, we also got to attend the twins last elementary Art and Music night! 
They each had an acting part and did awesome! 
Love these twiners and can't believe how old they are getting! 

We celebrated at the NEW Dunkin Donuts that is now 10 minutes from our house! 
This is great news! 

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