Monday, April 13, 2015

Looking Back: Wrapping up our Trip: Missouri and The City Museum

We ended our big trip out east in January with a stop in St. Louis, Missouri, 
to stay with our dear friends, Val and Tim Handyside. 
We spent the day at the City Museum. It was AMAZING! 
Pretty much the best museum I have ever been to.
Basically this guy took all this junk and recycled it into the coolest park. 
Wikipedia does an amazing job describing it...
I could have taken 1,000's of pictures here. It was so cool.

 The tunnels in this place were crazy! Everywhere you looked were tunnels you could climb. 

 The Awesome Brothers- these guys were very witty. 

 That right there is a maze/tunnel/stairway...

 his tunnel was probably about 10 stories high. It was scary! 
 The slides were incredible too 

Great food in St. Louis! 

 During the last leg of the trip, we hit a VERY bad snowstorm in Kansas and the interstate was actually shut down. We had to spend an extra night in a hotel but before long we were greeted by big blue skies and this sign! It was SOOOOOOO good to be home! 

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