Saturday, August 29, 2015

Frisco "Camping" Trip July 2015

We had planned a camping trip with friends for mid July at Happy Meadows Campground near Woodland Park. Due to a VERY rainy season, the campground was flooded so we had to make alternate plans. Thank goodness for kind friends who let us use their home in Frisco as a getaway for 3 days, 2 nights. It was MUCH more comfortable than a tent and we had a great time relaxing, exploring Frisco and hiking. 
My children don't normally dress like cows but it was Free Chickfila Day the day that we went up to the mountains- so hit up Chickfila for free breakfast and lunch before heading up! 

 I am not sure the name of this hike but it was right by Copper Mountain and it was awesome! 
It was 3 miles to thelakes and 3 miles back. The kids made it a little over 2 miles up the mountain and then since rain looked looming, Andrew and Mark took them back down, while Nathalie, Ella and I went the last mile to see the lakes/view. It was gorgeous and we were so proud of everyone for hiking as long as they did! 

 All the kids LOVEd using the water purifying straw thatAndrew brought along. 

 We saw a bunch of pack mules headed up the mountain carrying some materials to do a project at the top- pretty strong creatures! 

This was as far as we all got together. 

 Frisco is a great town to explore! 

 They have a great little free museum in Frisco that was fun to check out. 

Such a fun trip with great people! 

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