Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Brother's Epic Surprise Visit!

 It was a normal Wednesday night. We were gathering at our house for our community dinner and it was nearing 7'clock when our foster kiddo was coming back after visiting his family. There was a knock on the door (which I assumed was our foster kiddo) and when I opened it- my brother, Justin, and his wife Erika were standing on my doorstep with my aunt and uncle! Best. Surprise. Ever. I've been trying to get them to come visit since we moved here, 8 years ago, and it finally happened on a Wednesday night in November! It was great! 

We had a blast visiting catching up and hanging out! Cant wait till they come back again! 
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 The kids loved having them visit and all the kids knew about the visit
and didn't say anything to me!!! Impressive!  
 Saturday night, Mark and I got a date night in at the Broker!!!! It was fabulous! 

 We also got to go to 2 different conferences- Soma One Day with Jeff Vandersalt (AMAZING!) and we got to hear N.D. Wilson and Andy Couch that night! It was awesome!

our elders were all matching on Sunday! 

  Sunday, we got to visit with Uncle Kenny and Aunt Mary- it was gorgeous out!
 Uncle Kenny took all the kids for a ride in the convertible with the top down:)

Can't wait till they visit again! 

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