Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!!!!

We have gotten a few winter storms this December- this week has been freezing- usually we get a snow storm and the next day is in the 50's! Not this week- very cold like New England!!! (not something I miss) But, it is cute to see my kiddos all bundled up eating the snow.. well, actually I despise the winter- it takes FOREVER to get 4 kids ready to go out in negative temps and once I get them in the car, they start shedding their clothes while I am driving and then I need to rebundle them before we get out. Elijah screams in his snowsuit because his little arms can't move and Ella eats every peice of snow she can get her hands on- even brown snow on the floor of the post office and icicles hanging of the tire rims of the car- OH MY!!!!!!

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QNormal said...

Eating brown snow--that is something our Sonya would do. Aidan and Addie like to play in the slow, though Addie can take only 4 minutes (which is half as long as it takes to get her ready), and Aidan would play until he got frostbite if we let him. Let it snow.