Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Festivities

We went to Karie's house to color eggs and share a yummy feast. It is so great to have good friends to share fun times with. Sophia LOVED coloring the eggs.

Arianna took it very seriously. It was cute.

Ella kept putting the eggs in all the different colors over and over and over again. And before we went to the Smiths, she managed to get the egg kit open and ATE a yellow dye tablet!
Can you believe it?

I am a BLESSED mother to 4 beautiful kiddos!

Elijah and his friend Jubilee:) He loved grabbing her face.

All the kiddos eating lunch- there sure were alot of them and there would have been about15 more if all the older siblings were there- crazy!

Thank you, Karie for a great time of fellowship and fun!

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