Sunday, June 6, 2010

20 random things...

1. This is my 304th post!
2. I have a nasty cold this Sunday morning, but still may go to church. I was in preschool church last week helping out and the week before we had sick children,  I miss the teaching SO much, so I will probably go.  Plus, a missionary from Italy will be there complete with a pasta lunch- cant miss free food and talk of Italy!
3. My bathrooms REALLY need a good cleaning.
4. Its supposed to be near 90 all week- ugh!
5.We have NO food in this house- I must go grocery shopping.
6. I want to paint my dining room red this week and make curtains with this COOL fabric I found at Joannes.
7. I miss my mom.
8. Mark starts summer school tomorrow- half days for the month of June.
9. Elijah's new favorite word- NO.
10. I cant wait to finish off our back patio- we are laying stones to make a larger patio, then off to Craigs List to find patio furniture. and I need to get mulch around all the Iris I transplanted- thanks Chad and Mel.
11. My legs are SO sore from my run yesterday. I can barely go down steps. My goal is to get rid of my belly pouch. Instead of eating less, I am going to try running daily. We will see if it works. I just LOVE to eat and cant imagine cutting foods out:)lol
12. Sophia just got new dangly cat earrings. She loves them.
13. Did I mention that I have a HORRIBLE cold? or maybe its allergies?
14. Our church plant is going well- core group meetings end in July and then we will start Community Groups. I am excited!
15. Arianna is getting so much better at reading. She is getting faster and enjoying it more.
16. Speaking of reading, Sophia got her achievement test results back and on the reading section she scored a perfect score- there were 100 questions and she answered every one right! It said she is at a 5th grade level(?) not sure how that works but I thought it was cool that she didnt miss one! (Both girls did really well on the tests)
17.  I really love my husband- he is such a good dad too- I thought of that this morning while he was changing the second poopy diaper of the morning. (and it was a cloth diaper- which takes on a whole new meaning) He rocks!!
18. Ella Bella needs a haircut. I am going to take her someplace special to get it done because she has never been anywhere to get it cut before. I've always cut it and I dont do a great job!
19. I am wearing a dress to church today that I got for my step-brothers wedding many years ago. Its shorter than I remember. Could I have grown?
20. I had to fix 5 typos on this post before publishing it.


~Abbey~ said...

you are still fitting in that dress? you should be proud of yourself! :) you still grow til you are around 21, men til around 25...Jacob has grown at least 2 inches since we were married. :)

Melody said...

Okay, BIG props to Mark for changing a poopy cloth diaper ... Chad still refuses. I wish I could.

So sorry you're not feeling well -- I started feeling that way yesterday afternoon ... maybe we all are sharing some little bug?

SO happy to see Sola Church mentioned ... you guys rock!

Janelle said...

I love these! :) You learn so much more about a person's random happenings! :) By the way, I'm SOOOOO with you on the number 11! I have a pooch that just won't go away! I NEEEEED to start doing something! I can't imagine cutting out food either! I don't care so much for running, so maybe walking would work. SOMETHING is always better than nothing! Also, from the pictures I've seen of you, I think you look WONDERFUL!!!! IF you have a pooch, you definitely hide it well!!! :)