Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not Just Another Thursday Night

We had Grandma, Grandpa, and Miss Rachel over for a dinner of meatball subs, salad and a yummy fruit dessert. Of course, games were pulled out and Rachel and Grandma endured BINGO with the girls, while grandpa  read over and over to little Elijah.

After they left, the kids were a bit wound up and went downstairs to play a bit before bed. Elijah started screaming and of course, he hurt himself. Poor guy fell on a plastic bucket and cut his eye. I think it may bruise tonight. He's tough though and stopped crying almost right away. 

this was the same eye- that he hurt in the spring, just not as worse this time!


Erika said...

That's cute how the girls love their bingo game! Poor Elijah's eye. :(

Melody said...

Poor baby! Hopefully it will heal quickly. Your house looks GREAT! So glad to finally see all the new updates ... now I'm dying to get to the fabric store!!!