Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gomez Summer Getaway- Day 1

We decided quite unexpectedly to take off to the west and go on a little family summer vacation- just us! 
We loaded the kids in the van with plenty of snacks and movies and took off to 
South Dakota!
You might ask what is in South Dakota and why there?
Well, we had been toying with the idea of visiting the Grand Canyon, but its hot and its in teh middle of the summer and its over 13 hours to drive, so we thought somewhere closer would be nice- so, we looked around and mapped out a route.
Day 1- Drive 6 hours to Mount Rushmore. See Crazy Horse and the Monument. Stay in a hotel overnight.
okay, it is COLD here in South Dakota. The sun quickly got lost behind rain clouds and a fine mist started falling. But that did not stop us, we broke out the jackets (and I changed in the car into jeans:) and captured the sights on camera...
see the Indian in the rock behind them. That is the closest we got to it without paying more money to drive up the mountain to see it. We did tour the museum and it was pretty cool.
Here is what this monument is supposed to look like when they are finished...
Seems to me, they have a very long way to go... 
Next we drove up another mountain in teh Black Hills Forest to Mount Rushmore!
As we were climbing the mountain in the car, it was getting so foggy and rainy and my spirits were quickly dropping. I thought for sure we would see nothing at the top.
Well, I was right- here is the first picture we took...
Can you believe it- I was about to cry and the girls kept asking when we were leaving and going to the hotel:) Right after I took this picture and said a little prayer to God:), the fog began to lift and a cheer rose from among the spectaters! And we were able to snap some great pics of a very awe inspiring tribute to great men of our past! It really was breathtaking and jaw dropping to see it in person.

Our girls cheered and were SO excited while Elijah terrified us by running too close to precipices! 
It truly is something everyone should try to see in their lifetime!
We definitely wont forget this moment!
After walking back to the van, I looked back and the fog was rolling in again- I said a prayer of thanks to God for allowing us a quick glimpse of something I have forever wanted to see!
Next stop- our hotel- 
I was a bit nervous as we drove through dives of hotels around the area,
but I trusted that Priceline had not lied about our hotel being 3 stars for just $100! 
and we were not disappointed. It is a great hotel!

The girls tested out the bouncy-ness of their beds and it rated EXCELLENT.
Elijah was concerned with comfort and I can attest to the
fact that these beds are ever so comfy! 
And the Highlight of the whole trip so far (from the kids point of view)
was the pool.   I must admit, this is the Lexus of hotel pools:) They have this HUGE slide in their indoor pool that the twins did NOT want to leave. I was shcikced when Sophia said she wanted to do it herself and she did! It drops you in 3 feet of water, so she coudl easily stand up. She must have done it over 50 times, giggling all the way! Arianna caught on to her bravery and joined her for the last 15 times. Ella went 2 time and had enough:) Elijah and Daddy went about 10 times, Elijah begging over and over to go again!
And we relaxed in the hot tub to end the night off right:) Tomorrow a new set of adventures begins!
Cody, Wyoming- Here we come!~
I believe I may need to buy myself a pair of cowboy boots for the next pics:) I need to fit in and all:) 
since we're going to a rodeo!


~Abbey~ said...

sounds like alot of fun! your older girls will definitely remember this adventure! and if you get boots-Justins are the way to go! i am dying for a pair!

Erika said...

Sounds (and looks) like y'all are having a blast. So neat that God moved the fog just for you! :) I am really glad you got to see what you drove 6 hours for.