Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Sniffles

I am not into being sick in the summer- AT ALL! I woke up from a nap with Ella today and my nose has not stopped running and my eyes hurt. I think a cold is on its way. 

On another note, I need contacts SO BADLY. I wear disposables and I am supposed to throw them away every 2 weeks. The pair I have in my eyes now are about 6 months old! I do take them out at night, but needless to say, they are old! I just need to make an appointment and go get new ones- easier said then done:) Pretty soon, all  I will be able to wear are glasses, and though they are cute, it is no fun to wear glasses in the summer. Mark and I have contemplated getting me laser eye surgery. I would LOVE it! I am blind as a bat without glasses. It really is bad. They told me I am very close to blindness- not that I am loosing my sight but my vision with out help is that bad! So laser surgery is something we are seriously considering- it would save money in the long run too. 

I feel like rambling tonight so if you dont want to read you can click on someone elses blog now:)
Mark has one week left in his summer before he heads back to school meetings and a retreat. It has been the best summer of our families lives, I think. This is the first summer that mark has had time off- like a month! It was WONDERFUL! He is such a HUGE help around the house and with the kids- I really am so blessed. We were able to go on an amazing vacation, swim almost every day, lounge around the house, finish some projects that needed finishing, sell lots of stuff on Craigs List ( I LOVE getting organized) It really has been the best! 
He has been working on websites which has given us a lot of extra income this summer which was another amazing blessing!

Another huge blessing in our lives has been our church plant. It has been GREAT! Through study of what the church really is Biblically, my eyes have been opened and my heart challenged to live life missionally. EVERYTHING I do, all the conversations I have, am I trying to reach others with the Gospel? Building relationships to see them reached with the Gospel, to see God change them. I have been blessed with the gift of the Gospel- am I sharing that gift with others? It has challenged us as a couple to really reach out to others and be in the world. To not live life in our safe little "bubble" but to embrace a life of hospitality and service.  We have so far to go, and we will never get there, but we are embracing the Spirits help on this amazing journey!  We have met some true friends that share our desires and encourage us daily with CHRIST! Our marriage has been strengthened as each of us has been drawn closer to Christ. I think my new goal in marriage is to serve. If I truly serve Mark and put his needs, wants, desires before mine, it truly fulfills me and strengthens us. And I notice that when I try to do that, he serves me in return because he is so happy that I was serving him- its great!
Another goal we have recently implemented is daily time in the Word with our children. After dinner, we read from an excellent new book with the kids- The Jesus Storybook Bible- it is fantastic. Through every story, the emphasis is brought back to CHRIST and his plan- the Gospel! I have been inspired to look at the Old Testament differently and see it in its big picture! I LOVE it!I think my next post I will qoute the beginning chapter of the book- its right on track. I think every parent should own it. okay, enough about that:)

The twins start school on August 16th- it seems SO very early to me but I am excited to get back in a routine and schedule. They will be in 1st grade this year at Mark Hopkins Elementary. I am very nervous for them, I think because they are nervous:) Sophia keeps asking me if its big and if the kids are nice. We did talk with them that it is a public school and they probably wont talk about God and some may not believe in God and they both seem very worried about this. I told them it is a GREAT opportunity for them to go into that school and share Jesus with the people who dont know Him. That made them excited. But I still sense apprehension when we talk about school and I would appreciate your prayers for them and us as parents to stay involved and make sure our children are not being drawn away from the Gospel and their faith, but instead being strengthened and encouraged in reaching others with Christ. 
 On a side note, we need to go get school supplies. I LOVE shopping for school supplies- it is SO much fun:) 

Wow, I think I've written enough and rambled enough. 
So I am signing off. 
Thanks to those who stuck it out to the end. 
Thanks for reading...

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~Abbey~ said...

i think rambling is good--it lets people inside your head a bit. I think that with your new lessons learned about being "missional", you will also be able to look at public school through a better looking glass-if that makes sense! I think that is great that you all are doing a devotional time with your kids. Jacob is not about that-though i have tried to get him to do it for 7 years now...I do Keys for Kids with mine. And now that Clayton reads well; he loves reading his Bible! When your kids get to school and have AR, make sure you check how many points they get for reading the Bible--it counts on our AR, and I am pretty sure the AR is national. on another note, i was just thinking that in the next 6 months you will probably be a diaper free house! How exciting is that?! i am also shooting for Christmas as my goal of no diapers! we will see!