Friday, November 5, 2010

Found a Favorite Today

I had some extra time to kill today so I figured I would walk around the mall.
I havent done that in ages! 
And on my walk, I found a store that I am just IN LOVE with!
It is called Anthropology
It has a very eclectic feel and is filled with things that are not "typical".
It reminds me of a boutique in Paris- it really does- or maybe Switzerland.
I just love it.
Now, the prices also remind me of Paris- VERY pricey!
I, of course, found the sale nook tucked in the back of the store.
It was loaded with much more affordable deals.
Yes, it was all last season, but I dont care!
This shirt was originally $48 and I got it for $9.95
The necklace was originally $38 and I got it for $9.95
 I also saw a cute big black belt for $20 and a silky headband for $10-
(aren't ya glad I at least didn't purchase them too, Mark:)
And check out the cute price tag on the necklace- too cute!
I RARELY shop like this but I just couldnt resist!

I think I will be revisiting this store soon!
I also did not yet post a picture of my red wall. It is bright. really bright 
but I LOVE it! Notice the cool artwork by my niece, Alex. Super cool.

Our pumpkins all lit up and glowing:) 
Had to throw that pic in there.
My favorite man in the whole wide world.
And a throw back pic-
my mom sent the twins some of my old paper back books
from school when I was little- 
they have LOVED reading them and 
handling them with care- they are old! 
Great idea, Mom!

 Well, I need to get off here to cook dinner and clean this pigpen of a house:)
We are having company tonight- the twins teacher and her fiance!
The twins are super excited and so am I! 
Its fun to get the house all dolled up for company and I enjoy cooking 
when I know lots of people will be eating it! 
Have a great Friday and a great weekend!
and go see if you have an Anthropology near you-
I know you'll love it!


Sarah said...

You had never been there before, Chas?!! I love that store, along with Restoration Hardware (for my house) and H&M (for clothes). :-) H&M is coming to Cherry Creek Mall soon! You will have to check them out.
P.S. I love the shirt!

Chastity Gomez said...

NOOO!!! I heard someone on another blog I follow comment on the store and I thought- that name sounded familiar and yes, we have one here!!! I was SO excited! I saw Restoration Hardware but didnt have time to go in! It looked sweet!

Erika said...

Where is there an Anthropology, Chas? It's RubyEllen that always talks about that store; she adores it, but I'd never seen one.

Chastity Gomez said...

Erika, its in Park Meadows Mall- right by Nordstrom! It ROCKS!! I want to go visit every day! and without kids- Elijah was a terror so i really went quickly through the store!

Beth said...

Can you believe that anthro is literally 5 minutes from my house??? LOVE. love. it.

Beth said...

the shirt is SO cute! It looks like it was made for you! great necklace also. I have the hardest time throwing away those tags- so inspiring.

Erin Neiner said...

YAY for fabulous finds!!!! I absolutely adore anthro and only get to go on special occasions because there isn't one around our area....anywhere! boo. :( But, there catalog is pretty amazing. And Nie...she gets her cool little latte bowls from anthro. Ok. LOVE that wall color! WOW!!!! At first, I thought maybe you took the picture in anthropologie...but it's your house! How very cool! Curtains and great artwork make it an A+