Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making a List and checking it twice

I am very excited to get started with my holiday photo cards this year. Last year I used the above pictures to create a photo card from Shutterfly
This year, my sweet photographer friend will be taking our Christmas photo- 
JUST wait till you see them! We have some CUTE ideas!! 
And the best part is that I can get 50 FREE photo cards from Shutterfly by blogging about what I love about Shutterfly! Pretty cool, right!
So without further ado, here are some of my favorites from Shutterfly!

1. I would LOVE to send a photo card that looks like this (Seasonal Chic 2010)
Those are the colors we are wearing!
And their is lots of space for lots of pictures which I know Megan will deliver:) 
2.  And another version that I love is With Love Blue 
this one has room for 5 Photos! and I LOVE the mongram!
3. And if Meagan captures that one PERFECT photo of our family,
I may just go with Sweet monogram Ribbon

4. And if my husband needs a gift idea for me- I am digging these custom mugs with chocolate!
I love coffee and drinking it from a cup with my kiddos faces on them would make me smile:)

5. You know I love parties! How cute would these holiday invitations be! 
I'm digging Design Ornaments

6. and while you're at it check out these adorable birthday invitations. I usually make mine but since I LOVE themed parties, I may just order Ella some of these...Tumble Time since she wants a gymnastics birthday party this year!

And out of all of these I believe my FAVORITE one of all 
that I will most likely order 5O FREE ones of is HERE!!!!!
it is a folded greeting card- but I wont tell you the desing..
just check your mail if your on my list:)
I cant wait to get started!! 

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Erika said...

Thanks for blogging this! I signed up and they finally got back to me today, and now my post is submitted!!! :)