Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ella Bella Ballerina

 My little Ella Bella Ballerina started creative dance today! She has been counting down the days and she could hardly believe it when I told her today was the day! We signed her up at a local rec center and it was perfect for her. Its sorta an introduction to dance and lets them move a lot which at the age of 4 is a good thing.
 Ella is taking this class with her friend Julianna and they seemed to really bond during the class. 
They were holding hands randomly and always stuck by one another. 
The parents had to watch through a little window.
Daddy and all the kiddos came to watch too- Ella was SO excited that we all wanted to be there to see her dance. It was pretty tight so they didnt watch for long.

Ella took the whole class pretty seriously and paid very close attention to all the teachers instruction. I love that about Ella- she seems pretty focused overall- She was pretty shy when they asked her to go out by herself and perform what they learned today, but at least she went out and did a few things! 
The class lasted for 45 minutes and I can hardly wait for next Saturday to watch my little
Ella Bella Ballerina!

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