Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nature Hike

 We had such a great hike the other day in the great outdoors- actually it was the Audubon Center and we did see a LOT of birds! I made up a scavanger hunt game so that helped keep an interest!
The kids overall did REALLY well! Hardly any complaining:) and we hiked for around 2 hours

 They loved the river- we spent a bunch of time throwing rocks in it. It was so relaxing and peaceful.
 We came to this area where TONS of trees where chopped down by beavers! It was amazing! I cannot believe the size of the trees that they were able to chop down. We saw their dam and then a HUGE hole that probably was their home too and access to the water below. Very intriguing!

 Then, they met a horse along the way! Her name was Star and the lady let us pet her and we visited with her for a while! I LOVE that we saw a horse out on a path in the woods- too cool
 I think this pic of Elijah in the tall weeds was my favorite from the day:)

We are thinking that this summer, we will test our kids love for nature by doing an overnight camping trip somewhere close by so if needs be we can come home! 
But I have high hopes-I think it will go well! 

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