Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hopkins 2nd/3rd Grade Music and Art Night

 About a month ago, the twins showed off their art and did quite a cute musical play. 
Grandma and grandpa came to watch the show:) Mark was out of town which was sad.

 This is Luciano. Sophia has quite the crush on him. It is the first time she has ever talked about a boy with such admiration. Mark is not very thrilled. I think its funny. Although we did sit her down and have a talk about being friends with everyone and that there is plenty of time to like boys when she is much older:) They play soccer together at recess and thank goodness he is in the other 3rd grade:) 
He seems like a nice kid. 

 The twins with Alice and JJ.
Here is the musical they did... it is 23 minutes. All about the life cycle of plants. You dont have to watch it all. I recoded it for Mark who wasn't able to make it. They twins do their little signing part around 6:20...they were the Big Bad Squirrels- its a rap- so thats why they had to wear hats sideways and necklaces:) Enjoy.. (sorry my hand is shaky)

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