Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blog Posts are Few and Far Between These Days

I cannot believe its been almost a month since I have last blogged. I have pictures awaiting posts. I have ideas in my head but the days just fly by and before you know it, night has fallen and I am wiped out and too tired to think. But enough excuses!
Let me catch you up a bit on life in the Gomez Casa...

{Newborn Photo Shoot Fun: Zion Mondragon}- I LOVE taking pictures. I am an amateur to say the least and I would LOVE to someday have a photography career but for now I play around and enjoy it immensely  I was thrilled when my dear friend, Melody, asked me to take some pics of her newborn, Zion. These were my favorites...

{Gospel reading}-The week after Easter the kiddos were able to read some Scripture during our gathering Sunday morning. They did a great job and I hope the truths of the Gospel continue to sink into their little hearts. The little ones also joined the older kiddos to sing a fun Resurrection song.

And I had to share this picture of a paper that was in Ella's take home folder one Friday- brought tears to my eyes to see that all the teaching/reading/talking/praying about the Gospel on a daily basis is more then just words but it is working its way into her thoughts at school...
"I like you because you died for me and took my sins away."

{Erika's Birthday Celebration}- we tried a new restaurant which was called Damascus Grill and it was AMAZING! (mom, come vist and I will take you here:) 
The. Best. Mediterranean. Food. Ever. (very authentic and tasty)
Oh, it was to die for! And it was fun to spend the evening with my dear friend, Erika! 

{Just Between Friends Kids Consignment Sale}- twice a year, I sell kids clothes/stuff at this sale and do quite well. The money made usually goes towards the next seasons kids clothes and its a nice cycle I've gotten into. It is quite thrilling to take my consignment finds and turn around after the kids have used them and often get more then what I paid up front for them. I don't think movie stars have as much fun as I do picking out name brand clothes and I get mine for pennies compared to what they pay for theres. I know part of the thrill for me is in the hunt! My two favorite stores are the Goodwill and Savers. Everyone should try "thrifting" and I bet you'd get hooked:)

{Ella's K/1st Art and Music Night}- Ella was super excited to sing her songs for parents and friends. She had practiced so much that Elijah knew everyone of the songs too (along with the motions) She was quite the entertainer.
 I just love this picture of Ella and Grandpa!
 I am so thankful that Grandma and Grandpa try to come to all the kids events.  
It means so much to our kids and makes them feel very loved and special. 

Here is a video of Ella singing at her performance. She is in black on the bottom row (left)

{Hopkins Elementary Spring Disco Dance}- the spring dance was a lot of fun this year. As part of the PTO Board, there was a lot of planning to pull off such a big school wide event- we had over 400 people attend and raised over $5000 for the school thru a Silent Auction and the dance itself. I was in charge of the the Photo Booth- I had fun setting it up and I got a lot of fun props for the kids to use (wigs, guitars, glasses, etc)

{PTO EXECUTIVE BOARD FUN}- Seeing as it is coming to the end of the school year (yes, we are one month away from the end of school- May 24th) my duties as President Elect are really picking up. I spent hours with our Principal, Treasurer and current President going over the budget for next school year. Its crazy how much goes into leading a PTO- things I never realized. It has been an honor working with such dedicated and visionary parents and staff at Hopkins. I KNOW God has placed our family in that school and I have enjoyed pouring my heart and time into these people and this school. Please pray for me as I take over the President position of the PTO next school year- very intimidating and exciting at the same time!

{Twins 2 night/3 day Girl Scout Camping Trip}- the twins were able to go away with their girl scout troop to the mountains and they had a really fun time! It was the longest they have been away with the troop and they did well overall. I missed them a lot. actually. This "growing up" thing has been hard on me. They really are starting to become so much more independent and it's hard letting them venture out a bit. On a side note, all these little rhyme songs they teach them are driving me NUTS:) (although I remember singing a lot of them when I was their age and I am sure I drove my mom nuts as well!)

And since I have not one picture of my cute little guy in this post.. here he is- {Elijah}
What a good way to end a very long post:)
Hopefully, it won't be so long till the next one. 

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