Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eggs are Cool

Easter Egg coloring is always a favorite! 

Our Community Group joined efforts and had a really fun BBQ and easter egg hunt. 
It was awesome that so many families from Hopkins were able to join us:)
 It was pretty chilly but we enjoyed it none-the-less.
 Mark made a fun Easter egg scavenger hunt on Easter for the kiddos 
with clues hidden all around outside and inside. 
Their excitement was contagious!
We also enjoyed a lovely dinner at Marks parents house- The ham was divine.
SO grateful to have them in our lives. 

I found these great piggy Banks at Big Lots for $1!!! They can decorate them with sharpies. The kids have been all about saving up money for a Playmobile house, so the banks will come in handy. We are thinking of selling our big barbie house because they really dont play with them that much anymore. They have always loved playing with "littler" things. And of course their playmobiles. Plus, next year, all of them will be in school so their "playtime" will be limited:) 
I cant believe we are only a month and a half away from school being over.  
I am looking forward to this summer! Swimming, parks, camping, hikes! Its gonna be awesome. 

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