Monday, August 19, 2013

The End of an Era

My sweet kiddos trekked off to their first day at Hopkins today. 

They have some pretty awesome teachers this year!

The twins were so excited to see their friends. We got a quick hug and kiss and off they went.
Ella was clingy. 
She has always been the one where goodbyes are the hardest. 
She started crying when the bell rang and of course, that started the tears for me. 
Elijah just stood in his line and waved as he walked into school. So grown up! 
As Mark and I walked home, the tears were flowing. Its the end of an era in our house. After 9 years of having four to one little kiddos by my side, I am sitting alone in a quiet, empty house. Life is flying by and my children are getting independent and don't need me as much anymore. They are going off to school by themselves.  I was reflecting today that I am thankful that my identity isn't just in being a mom but my identity is found in CHRIST! When I can't be a "mom" during the day, I am going to be okay because that is not what defines me. I can have joy when the children aren't right by my side every moment because I have purpose as a child of God. 

I am blessed beyond belief to have 4 awesome kiddos to mother and love. 
But I am blessed even more to be a child of God and a follower of Christ! 

P.S. Check out last years back to school pictures to see how much they've grown! 

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Christine said...

The kids are always dressed so cute.