Sunday, October 6, 2013

We're growing!

 We have had a bunny for a pet going on a year and a half. Cottontail has been the perfect pet! He is easy to take care off and the kids LOVE him! They hold him every day and play with him and take care of him. It's great. He roams around the yard (not fenced in) and never has escaped. He's basically trained.

When we first got Cottontail, I made a cage for him. It didn't have a good roof so I would cover him with a tarp in the winter or on rainy days. We have been looking for some time for a hutch for him but with no luck. They were too expensive or were gone too quickly on Craigslist. I came across this hutch just recently and it was FREE but you had to take the 3 bunnies that came with it. I couldn't pass it up. The lady also gave me a ton of food, the food containers, water bottles, hay... perfect!

The 3 bunnies are females and Cotton is a male so I knew we had a problem because even though I like rabbits, I don't want a rabbit infestation. So, I decided to get rid of one of the females so cotton could stay on the bottom by himself and the other two on top. I told the kids under no circumstances are they to let all the bunnies play together in the yard:) I love that this hutch has a little inclosed section so they can hunker down in the winter:)
Cottontail- tan one
Olive- black one
Cocoa- the spotted one
This is Marshmallow( my neighbor actually wanted her for her daughter Skylar. 
The kids were so excited that they can see her anytime they want next door! Thankful I got rid of her right away so the kids didn't become too attached) 

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