Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick Or Treat 2013: Jellyfish Costumes and Fantastic Mr. Fox

This year we went with 3 jellyfish and 1 little fox.
I found the jellyfish online and they were pretty easy to make. 
I used an old cowboy hat and wrapped it with bubble wrap to get my shape. I then strung battery operated Christmas lights around the hat. I then covered those with colored tissue paper and topped it all off with iridescent clear wrap. And LOTS of packing tape to hold it all together. Next, I hung iridescent ribbon, tubing and tinsel from the brim of the hat. The coolest thing about these jellyfish is that they glow and look SOOOO cool at night! And you can't lose your kids in the dark:)

Elijah has wanted to be a fox since the summer and I was SO excited to come across an adorable fox costume at Old Navy on Clearance for $10.80! I LOVED his sweet little tail:) 

 We love our tradition of going to grandma and grandpas 
and eating pizza for dinner with them and 
then walking in their neighborhood together. 
The kids scored lots of candy! 

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